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    Looking to Buy?

    Meet a Qkar Agent.

    We help you search the right property from the right listed sites. Find home's worth on and get a fair idea of what's the market value of your abode. Okar agent guides you as to when's the right time to list your property in the market.

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    Get Pre-Approved

    Find out how much you can afford and get a pre-approval.

    Qakar online calculator can give you a rough estimate on your pre-approved loan. We cut down the hassle and help you get a pre-apprey-al before you start your home search.

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    Meet an agent

    Meet a Qkar agent and get sorted for life.

    Discuss your requirements and the type of home you are looking for, your preferred location and price range. Be rest assured, you are in good hands.

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    Begin Home Search

    Get going with searching your new home.

    With the help of Okar agent, identify the homes that match your needs. Take a tour of each home and narrow down to a home that matches your pref-erences.

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    Make them an offer they cannot refuse.

    Once you have found your dream home, its time to get down to business. We guide you in making an offer that is appropriate as per market standards. Once you agree to the T&C, you get into a contract with the seller.

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    Do your due dilligence before you close the deal.

    Don't skip this step) Apart from home inspection, you also need to go check for any red flags in your contract. We ensure you get your new home on your terms.

  • 07

    Mortgage Paperwork

    Cut down the hassle, let Qakar handle it for you.

    You don't have to pay 20% downpayment any-more. With Oka, you only pay 5% and book your new home.

  • 08

    Close the deal

    Hooray! It's time to get the keys for your new home.

    Okar maintains a transparent process and takes care of all your paperwork, and also all the necessary formalities before the transfer of the property is complete.

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